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What should I do if I have to change the cylinder of the Lock?

change the cylinder of the Lock

Your lock has broken, you don’t want to spend another second with an unsecured door, so you go around the Internet with a question in mind: “What should I do if I have to change the cylinder?”

If you are good with tools, you may be able to do it yourself, or perhaps you need to seek expert hands. The final decision is up to you, and here we will offer you some suggestions to determine the best option.

What should I do if I have to change the bowler?

If you need to change your lock, you have several options: you can replace it all, replace just the cylinder, or take the cylinder to a locksmith to change the key.

One detail that you should consider is what type of bowler or cylinder is yours because there are three types: rim, mortise, and cylindrical lock or tubular latch.

Once you know this, take note of these tips.

Rim bowler

This is one of the easiest door cylinders to replace. In addition, the difference between the manufacturer brands is almost minimal, which means that you can choose any of them, and the cylinder will probably work well on your door.

To change a tire cylinder, you must do the following:

  • Remove the lock from the door.
  • Remove the screws holding the cylinder.
  • Carefully cut the tailpiece with a bolt cutter or hacksaw.
  • Tighten the cylinder bolts through the backplate.
  • Reinstall the rim lock.

Cylindrical cylinder

Unlike the rim bowlers, the replacement of the cylindrical cylinders could be a bit complicated. There are also differences between one manufacturer and another, so we suggest that you purchase once you know the exact make and model.

Many manufacturers leave manuals with replacement instructions on their Internet portals, so if you identify the make and model of your cylinder head, check the web.

Generally, the face of the latch is usually the name of the brand, and to access it. You will need to remove the outer knob or lever.

Mortise bowler

Mortise cylinders are not as complicated to replace as cylindrical. However, you must know a few things to get to the change process safely:

  • Length or dimension of the cylinder.
  • Cam style.

Manufacturers use different cams, and if you have the wrong cam, your headaches will start because the bowler will most likely not work correctly.

A mortise cylinder is a large machine screw that is screwed into the body of the mortise lock, and a set screw prevents it from turning.

If it’s okay with you, you can take the mortise cylinder to a locksmith shop you trust and ask for one like it. Of course, leave someone watching the house since as long as you don’t make the replacement effective, your house will not be safe.

Contact our Affordable Locksmith in Tampa if you want to replace your premises, lock to enhance its security, or just want to rekey your lock.

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