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Tips for buying the best security door lock in Wesley Chapel

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Looking for the best door lock can be a bit overwhelming these days. The range of door locks is so large and diverse that it can be difficult to pick the best door lock. That’s why our licensed Locksmith in Wesley Chapel has some tips for you to choose the very best lock for your door!

If you gonna’ replace your door lock, you should pay attention to a number of things. Every door lock has its own characteristics, but the lock must above all fit into your front door. Before you choose a lock, at least think about these things:

  • What is the type of door lock you are replacing?
  • How are you going to install the lock?
  • How do you want to open the front door?
  • What are you going to use the door lock for?

Types of locks

First of all, it’s useful to look at which types of locks exist. Of course, we don’t cover them all, because you’re only here to find the best door lock! That’s why we’ve listed the most common and reliable door locks for exterior doors for you today.

1.    Cylinder lock

Also known as a mortise lock. We see these locks the most these days. They are available in many versions, making them suitable not only for blunt wooden doors but also for plastic and metal doors. They can be used for both interior and exterior doors. They are also available as electric locks, where the lock can be driven by a motor or a coil. When it comes to a lock for an outside door, it is smart to choose an anti-core pull cylinder or a cylinder with anti-core pull fittings. Otherwise, burglars can easily force the lock by using the so-called core pulling method, in which the cylinder is pulled out of the lock, and the door can open.

2.    Multi-point lock

This is, as it were, an improved version of the cylinder lock. It is not only safer but also more practical and aesthetic. The lock is operated from a central position so that your door no longer needs to be secured with multiple side locks and the main lock. Of course, you only need one key. A multi-point lock has a minimum of three and a maximum of five locking points that are distributed over the entire length of the door. It means that you’ve at least one extra closing point compared to a normal cylinder lock. Unfortunately, with this lock, only one cylinder needs to be removed to force the door, so extra security fittings are no superfluous luxury here.

3.    Rim locks and keyboard locks

We also occasionally come across rim locks and keyboard locks, often in older homes and buildings. The value of these locks is lower than that of a cylinder and multi-point locks. It’s therefore recommended not to choose these locks.

If you want to go for even more security, it is smart to strengthen the locks with an electronic security system. As a result, you don’t have to walk around with extra keys, and it’s often also possible to operate the lock from a central location, for example, with your smartphone or intercom.

Tips for buying and replacing a door lock

Above we see that there are currently two types of locks for exterior doors that we can consider as good and solid. And that there are also a number of options to strengthen these locks further. Then it is now time to buy and install the locks! However, installing a door lock yourself can be a difficult job. Therefore, here are a few tips from our recognized Locksmith Wesley Chapel.

1.    Choose a door lock of the same brand.

Make sure to choose a brand that suits your requirements. When you install the lock, you don’t have to adjust anything or hardly anything.

2.    Always opt for an approved version of a door lock.

This makes it more difficult for burglars to force your lock.

3.    Remember the direction of rotation.

It matters for the execution and installation of the lock. Note that whether the lock is on the left or right side of the door.

Are you confused in choosing best locks?

Do you not know where to start, and would you like to take help in choosing and installing a new suitable door lock? Then feel free to contact Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay. We’ll be happy to assist in choosing and installing the superlative locks for you!

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