Things You Need to Know About Tampa, FL

Tampa is one of the biggest and renown cities in Hillsborough County, Florida. Its located on the west coast of Florida and Tampa Bay. The city is also the largest in the bay and an estimated population of 384,000 which has seen it get ranked as the 48th most populated city in the USA.
Living in the city is an adventure and therefore its quite important that you familiarize yourself with it. What are some of the things you should know about Tampa?
1. Job market in the city
One of the most common reasons people relocate from one area to another is the quest for greener pastures. Tampa has over the years been on a steady growth which has seen various companies open and invests in the city. The growth of its economy and steady rise in job opportunities in the town have attributed to the high population in the city due to better pays and career-making opportunities in it. The city is also home to several skyscrapers that and places of business which shows how much the job market is booming in the city. Major industries in the city include BayCare, Pak Mail, JP Morgan Chase and Validity which and have employed thousands of its residents.
2. Owning a home in Tampa and taxes
Owning a home in Tampa for sure is a worthy decision anyone can make. Houses or properties in the city are not as expensive as you may think and you also have extra income to pay for it since there are no income taxes from the state. If you are looking for an ideal place to buy a house, Tampa is certainly the place to invest in. Property taxes are also as low as 2%, which means initial costs of purchasing property on the city is affordable for you.
3. Commuting in the city
As you live in the city, commuting from work or school is certainly worth it. However, if you are not ready to stay for more than 20 minutes, you are in for trouble. Due to its high population numbers, commuters in the city are congested, which means long waiting hours. This should not stress you or scare you from living in the city or commuting. You can choose to buy a car and use it as your means of transport. Nevertheless, if you are an economical person who wants to save the gas cost, you may choose the various commute means. There are trains, streetcars and trolleys at multiple points for both pickups and drop-offs to destinations that you want to go to
4. Quality beaches
Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida and assures you of a vibrant beach experience. People who love to surf, go for a dive in the ocean and enjoy the beauty of dusk and dawn on beaches can make their dreams come to try living or visiting this beautiful city. Tampa has several beaches which include famous holiday vacation hotspots such as St Pete, Indian Rocks, and ST Pete. The beaches have several restaurants and hotels where you can choose to stay on holiday and enjoy the scenic views of the from the Atlantic Ocean.
5. Safety
Safety is a major concern when familiarizing yourself with things about Tampa Fl. According to the FBI, Tampa city is not one of the safest places to live in. Crime in the city has been on the rise, and local authorities have taken a tough and harsh stand on it. On average, the crime rate is higher than 61% as compared to other cities in the USA, which is a clear sign of how unsafe the city is. However, this should not worry you so much because there are various law enforcement agencies working and coordinating together to end the surge. Some neighborhoods are considered quite safe also such as Cosme, Pebble Creek and Morris Bridge which are ideal places to live in.
6. Flourished tourism sector

Finally on things to know about Tampa FL, it’s home to several tourist attractions that you can opt to visit. Its ideal location on the Tampa Bay and its beaches are not the only tourist attractions in this beautiful city holds for adventure lovers. You have several options to choose from including the Sea Corals and Crabs aquarium, Big Cat Rescue park, an adventure at the Lowry Park Zoo and many more. While you visit this beautiful city as a local or international tourist, accommodation is also sorted for you. There are various five and four-star rated hotels and resorts that you can opt for and have an amazing holiday.