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Security of your homes: 4 anti-intrusion solutions

Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay

Whatever the incident and the breakage may suffer your door, a Residential Locksmith in Tampa will always have the solution to optimize home security! After a camouflage, a forced lock after an attempted break-in, or for any material damage, a locksmith will have a tremendous power of analysis, and you will give the right advice to prevent your home from having neglected security. Discover our 4 anti-intrusion solutions!

Usually, lock problems caused by wear and tear on a home’s door are fixable. If a lock and its cylinder are worn, difficulty opening, the key blocking, it will always be possible to change certain lock parts to make adjustments. If the lock is damaged too much, it will have to be changed for a quality certified lock.

If your door is broken into, the problems will be of another order. Burglaries or attempts to force open a door almost always end with destroying the lock and its entire system. So it will have to be done to replace entirely. The door itself can also suffer significant damage.

After an attempted break-in, the lock can also malfunction due to forcing and will need to be repaired quickly. Speed of action is essential to secure your home immediately. To benefit from all the guarantees, call without delay a certified Locksmith in Tampa who will analyze in detail the damage and the most effective means to repair the door and its closure quickly.

He will also advise you to secure your house or apartment to suffer this terrible experience no longer. Many solutions exist, and investing in a burglar-resistant door or lock, installing additional locking elements are options that should not be overlooked. Trust our professional locksmith team, providing their beneficial services throughout Tampa Bay, including Wesley Chapel, Largo, and Brandon.

Surprising Tips for Anti-intrusion

1.    Home security: Install an A2P certified multipoint lock

This 3-point lock offers optimal guarantees. It gives you the main closing point supported by two other points. The door is then much more difficult to open than it seems. Depending on the expected security requirement, the locks on sale can reach up to 10 points. To explain: Burglar-resistant locks are A2P certified and are classified into three levels of resistance:

  • The A2P standard, issued by the national prevention and protection center, will withstand an attempted break-in for about 5 minutes.
  • An A2P2 locking system can last for about ten minutes.
  • A lock classified A2P3 will resist approximately 1/4 of an hour

2.    Home security: Install an armored door

If your door has been broken or if you have been robbed several times already, our legitimate locksmith may suggest that you opt for an armored door. When faced with unscrupulous burglars, the option should be considered. Its advantage is that it offers reinforcement at the frame level, shielding the moving part of the door with anti-corrosion steel plates and an A2P certified lock with 3 or 5 closing points. Asked by a professional, you will have all the necessary guarantees!

3.    Lock repair: the change to a high-security cylinder

For anti-intrusion locks, it is vital to use a so-called security lock cylinder to prevent burglary. It must be, at a minimum, certified anti-picking to fight against burglaries. The size of the door cylinder is essential, as your door cylinder should not protrude more than 5mm on the outside to avoid tearing. This high-security cylinder comes with an owner’s card. Otherwise, the keys cannot be redone. This is also the difference between a conventional door cylinder and a security door cylinder.

4.    Install shielding panels

After repairing your door, your locksmith can arrange for the installation of armor panels. It allows you to enhance the security of your home without changing the appearance of your door. It is also an excellent solution for better sound and thermal insulation.

Count on us to get the solution for each security locksmith problem!

It’s a pleasure for our customers to see that we deliver the solution quickly, supported by a free quote. At Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay, we’ve a team of lock and repair professionals at your service and are available quickly.

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