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A locking plan is about easily managing various rooms with a single key. The application of a locking plan is nowadays done by both private individuals and companies. A locking plan ensures that you can easily manage which people you want to grant access rights to the rooms within your business premises and/or home. In this way, you grant specific persons access rights only to the areas that are necessary for them, for example, for the performance of their profession. From now on, you can manage the entire building and/or home with just one key.

The manager or owner of the property often possesses a master key (runner). This key fits on every door of the building. As an owner, you can assign keys per person, which fit on different or more doors. For example, the user only needs one key for several doors within the building. With a locking plan, you can manage who can enter which rooms. This can be useful in situations where granting rights is of great importance. Locking plans are often used in commercial buildings, apartments, care centers and/or schools.

Do you want to go for extra security for your business premises and/or home? Then choose a locking plan with the help of professional Locksmiths. By setting up a locking system, the loss of a key is no longer a problem. After all, it is not possible to enter the areas of the property in the event of loss, except when it comes to the master key.

Meaning of a locking plan

A locking plan is drawn up by means of a locking plan matrix. This matrix contains a diagram that clearly indicates who has access to which area of ​​the building. In this way, you can systematically determine who grants you which access rights and which key fits which locks. Both general and specific door locks can be operated with only one key. This locking plan matrix provides an overview of the property and the associated internal responsibilities.

What locking plans are there?

There are different types of locking plans. We will briefly explain the systems for you below. After all, it is vital to understand the differences between the different locking plans before you put together the locking plan.

Master key system

In this locking plan, the master key can operate all doors, while the other keys only fit on the individual cylinder. A good example is a law firm, a dental practice, or a medical practice. For example, a doctor would like to be able to open the front door of the practice with the key to his home. However, the employees of the practice only receive a key that fits on the front door of the practice.

Central master key system

In a central master key system, several keys all fit on one and the same door. An example of this is an apartment complex. In the complex, the residents can all open the general entrance door with their own key, but the front door of the apartment can also be opened with the same key. This key, on the other hand, does not work at the neighbor’s front door.

General Master Key System (GHS)

In a general master key system, the master key system and the central master key system can be combined. The general master key opens all cylinders in all groups. The master keys open all individual cylinders. Combinations between the two can occur. You can make it as complex as you want. This application is common in hospitals, business complexes, and schools.

Which cylinders are suitable?

When filling in a locking plan, it is the intention that you indicate for each door which profile cylinder you want in the doors. You can opt for a double cylinder lock but also for a knobbed cylinder or a profile half-cylinder.

Are you ready to get Professional Help!

At Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay, our experienced and skilled Locksmiths in Wesley Chapel are happy to take the entire process off your hands. We support you in drawing up a locking plan with a corresponding locking system. By contacting us, we can design and discuss your personal locking plan with you.

Our Locksmiths have years of experience in making locking plans and locking systems. We do this not only for companies but also increasingly for private individuals. You can contact us by calling (813) 666-3332. In this way, you can easily design your own locking plan and have it discussed.

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