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How to tackle lock problems in winter?

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Winter is just around the corner, and that means it will freeze at night. When you’re ready to leave in the morning, you run into a lot of annoying things. Due to temperature drop, in some cases, a lock can freeze. Although it generally happens more with car locks, it can also occur with a cylinder lock.  But what should you do to prevent/fix this? When a lock is frozen, it opens and closes much less smoothly. In some cases, you may not even be able to open and close it at all. Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay, therefore, tells you what to do when your lock is frozen.

Locks in winter

Just like us, locks are not fond of winter temperatures either. They are not only difficult to open but closing is also problematic. In short, you can’t use everything when you’re out the door in a bit of a hurry. Not only the front door but also the back door and barn door are waiting to be opened. Lock problems, therefore, occur more often when it is still early in the morning. When the sun shines, the locks will thaw again, and you will no longer experience any problems.

Preventing a frozen lock

During a cold winter, your locks may freeze. You can prevent this by putting a little Vaseline or oil in your lock the night before it starts to freeze. By implanting and turning the key in the keyhole a number of times, you can spread oil in it. Furthermore, you do not do much yourself to prevent a frozen lock. In most cases, it is more common on a car door than a front door. If the lock is already stiff on its own, it will probably bother you even more in the winter months. Therefore, make sure that you replace your locks in time so that you don’t end up with a broken key or a broken lock.

Don’t use hot water

Does your lock open and close very stiffly because it is frozen? Or are you unable to open or close the door at all? Many people try to solve this by throwing warm water over the lock. After all, it sounds logical the hot water ensures that the lock defrosts. But this is surely not the best solution. Although it has the desired result in the short term, it will only cause more problems in the future. The water on the lock causes it to freeze even worse. So you don’t really gain anything with it. We also advise against using so-called miracle cures. This can cause damage to the lock.

Blow dry the lock

One of the easiest ways to thaw a frozen lock is to blow dry it. The warm air on the lock will melt the ice. This process takes some time but is the best practice you can do at home to ensure that the lock thaws. No melted water is released because you blow dry it away immediately. It prevents the lock from freezing again. When the lock is no longer frozen, we recommend making it run smoothly again with maintenance oil.

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Are you unable to defrost the lock yourself, or are you afraid that the lock of your home is broken? Would you like to hire an expert for opening locks, replacing locks, installing emergency locks, or advice on burglary prevention? Our professional Locksmith Tampa is ready for you. Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you. You can reach us directly via the contact form here on the site, but it is also possible to call us. Our specialists are happy to help you and ensure that the lock works smoothly again.

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