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How to remove a stuck deadbolt?

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Deadbolt locks are an integral part of any residential security plan. The deadbolt is usually sturdy than the doorknob latch, but it needs to work accurately to be useful. Deadbolts can be stuck due to a variety of reasons. Maybe the lock is stuck by itself and needs to be greased. It’s also possible that the deadbolt installation was inappropriate. Whatever the reason, if you can’t fix the problem by lubrication, you can use some basic hand tools.

If you’re facing difficulty in removing a stuck deadbolt, don’t worry. In this blog, we’ll give you some important tips that will help you to open the door without any damage.

In some situations, it happens that the latch bolt of a lock gets stuck. The latch bolt no longer springs back properly, and the deadbolt of the lock gets stuck. As a result, the door can no longer be opened.

Suppose you lower the door handle, but the latch bolt in the door remains stuck. Because the bolt remains in the metal frame of the lock, it is no longer possible to close the door. You try to loosen the latch bolt with a screwdriver, lower the handle a little less or lock the door. However, these are temporary solutions. This will not solve the problem in the long run. What do you have to do?

The latch bolt doesn’t work anymore. What now?

There’re several reasons why a latch bolt of the door is broken. Due to the different causes, there are also different types of solutions if the latch bolt no longer works. The most common solutions to the problems are:

·         Bent latch bolt

A possible cause is that the latch bolt was bent by the slamming of the door. You can test this by pushing the latch bolt into the lock by hand. If these clamps remain, the latch bolt will be bent. One solution is to straighten the latch bolt and then spray it with lock spray.

·         Faulty lock mechanism

When there is a defect in the lock mechanism, it is possible that the latch bolt gets stuck behind the front plate. A possible cause is wearing on the lock. Because the elements for interior door locks are less stringent, wear and tear can already occur after a few years. The last solution for a latch bolt that no longer works is to replace the lock.

·         Latch sticks out too much and/or doesn’t spring anymore

It may happen that the inner and/or outer door no longer works properly. If the latch bolt protrudes too much or the latch no longer springs, it is wise to readjust it. It is also possible to adjust a latch bolt yourself.

A step-by-step guide for adjusting the latch bolt

Step 1:

Loosen the screws on the side of the frame with a screwdriver. This way, you can adjust the latch bolt because it will be a bit looser.

Step 2:

Pull out the end of the latch bolt. When the latch bolt is in place, retighten the screws. It is important to do this without the latch bolt moving.

Step 3:

Close the door and see if the door locks properly. If the latch bolt still does not function properly, secure the latch bolt in such a way that it will eventually close properly.

Wrongly adjusted door handle

It may happen that the screw from the door handle is loose, causing the door handle to fall out of the door. When replacing, it may be the case that both the latch bolt and the door handle are misaligned. A solution may be to tighten the screw of the door handle.

Another solution is to remove the lock from the door. At the back of the lock and at the height of the latch bolt, there is a hole with a screw. The function of the screw is to turn the latch bolt. When you tighten this screw further, the latch bolt may be in the right place and functioning properly again.

When removing the lock, it is important to pay attention to several things. It may be that the lock cannot be disassembled because there are rings around the handle hole and the keyhole. By inserting a screwdriver into the groove of the ring, it is possible to remove it. Does this not work? Then it is possible to pry a screwdriver between the door and the rosette.

The stuck deadbolt

It can also happen that the deadbolt sticks. In most cases, the latch bolt will stick, as it is much more fragile than a deadbolt. A deadbolt is, in fact, neither resilient nor chamfered. However, it can happen that the deadbolt is blocked. Different solutions to get a blocked deadbolt working are:

  • It is possible to unblock the deadbolt by pushing against the cylinder from the inside. The problem can be solved by opening the lock and pressing the deadbolt slightly and lubricating it with lock spray.
  • It is possible that the door has slumped due to weak hinges or for some other reason. Lifting the door slightly may cause the deadbolt to re-engage in the striker. When the deadbolt is back in the correct position, it may work as normal again.
  • If the deadbolt jams or there is another problem, it is wise to solve this problem quickly. When the door is not locked, it is susceptible to the burglary method ‘pinball’. By putting a piece of plastic between the latch bolts, if it is not locked, it is possible to open the door.

The best solution against a faulty deadbolt

Hire an expert

Do you not want to suffer from a deadbolt that no longer springs back, or you can’t replace it by yourself? Hire an experienced Locksmith. There can be several reasons why the bolt no longer works. Get in touch with Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay. Our professional Locksmith in Wesley Chapel has top-notch tools and techniques to solve your locks problem quickly. That’s a very easy way to get in.

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