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Guideline for Choosing the Most Appropriate Security Lock

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It is often forgotten to take into account that the key element for security is the Lock. The danger of unsecured locks is that they are easy to pick. Therefore, they are not functional and must be changed; they are easy prey for intruders if they are outdated.

If, on the other hand, there has been a theft, speed is of fundamental importance for immediate replacement by a security lock; for example, you can count on an emergency locksmith service capable of intervening in a short time.

Here is a review of the different types of locks to help you make the best choice, with the help of a Locksmith expert.

Choose the “Right” Lock

Not all locks are safe, or, in any case, not all are equally safe.

Sometimes you work with techniques that are too easy to overcome. Others, although originally quite effective, are now considered obsolete. It is always advisable to take the recommendation of a professional locksmith whenever you consider changing the locks. Locksmiths in Tampa will give you compelling advice for your lock installation. That will fit best with your property needs and budget.

Switch to security lock from traditional locks

If you have a lock with a standard toothed key, you have to know that it is the least secure of all. Because this key is the easiest to duplicate, this type of Lock is the easiest to force from the outside.

If you’ve a door with a lock that uses a standard double-bit key (the one that was the first version of keys for armored doors), you should know that it is already obsolete because it is too “familiar.”

If, on the other hand, you have a cylinder lock with a perforated key, but not a security one, even if it represents the evolution of the double-bit key, you should know that, unfortunately, it is no longer considered secure enough.

Therefore, in these three cases, the only solution to have more security in a house is to switch to a security lock.

Security locks are crucial to ensure security and safety on different surfaces. They are not only valuable systems in homes or premises, but they are also essential mechanisms for the operation of different equipment such as safes, supermarket carts, drawers, lockers, etc.

Security lock selection depends on the device where it is going to be installed. In this article, we discover the different types that exist and how to choose the most appropriate Security Lock for your premises.

Types of security locks

Identify the specific need of the device or place where it is going to be implemented to choose the most appropriate Lock. You don’t need the same type of Lock for a door as for a vault or safe.

It is also necessary to consider the material from which it is made. Today, almost all locks are made of different types of steel (stainless steel, galvanized, reinforced, or solid), iron, and nickel.

There are different kinds of locks on the market today, each with specific characteristics. These are the main ones:

1.    Cylindrical Lock

They are the most common and are named after the cylindrical structure of the middle part with a pear bowler. As required, this type has high-security models with impact protection, extraction protection, drilling protection, and cone protection.

It is the most widespread security lock and has almost completely replaced the double-bit Lock. It is most widely used for the security of armored doors. Unfortunately, over time it was discovered that the double bit lock could be picked quite easily with special burglary tools and replaced by the cylinder lock like Schlosser Technik or Yale.

In addition to being more resistant to theft attempts, the latter opens with smaller and lighter keys, therefore more comfortable than long double-bit keys. It also works if another key is inserted from inside the door. It is available in different sizes, customizable and adaptable to different needs. Over time it has been perfected to make it more resistant and inviolable, providing other security systems such as anti-bumping.

2.    Mortise Lock

These locks have a device on the handle to open from the inside that rotates the latch. Traditionally, they have been installed in bathroom and interior doors to isolate some areas from each other. And to be able to open from the inside.

3.    Rim locks

They usually fit on doors of thin thickness. Therefore, they are ideal for terraces, patios, and access to gardens. Its mechanism of action is exposed on one side.

4.    Tubular locks

In this type of Lock, the latch and the Lock are united in the exact mechanism. They are usually installed in places or areas of the home with the same benefits as the built-in ones. The difference is that you can open and close it from the inside by pressing a button. Ideal for bathrooms, homes, or commercial buildings that we want to close from the inside.

5.    Padlock

There’re two types of Padlocks in the market: Combination Padlock and Keyed Padlock. The names suggest it all: Combination Padlock requires a combination of numbers to open, but keyed Padlock requires a key. They are not among high-security locks and are cheap.

6.    Deadbolt

It is a very prevalent type of Lock. Deadbolt is often used on exterior doors. It is usually used at the front door of your house.

Like padlocks, deadbolts come in myriads types. Among their main types are simple, double, and lockable thumbs.

7.    Multipoint locks

Due to its high level of protection, this type of Lock is the most used in central access doors of homes. Its main characteristic resides in incorporating several locks in the center and the lower and upper parts of the door. These locks are triggered with a single internal system that allows them to be closed at the same time. They are extremely secure and, of course, the most difficult to force.

8.    Electronic or digital locks

These are similar to those of hotels and are available in various types and models. They are actuated by alphanumeric code, fingerprint, and mobile phone or by Bluetooth, etc. This type of Lock is also recognized as a smart lock.


The locks described above are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the types of security locks go. There are several other types of locks, most of which are used much less frequently.

If If you have bought a new home and want to replace its Lock, Contact our Locksmith near me, Tampa Bay. Our competent tech will install a lock best suited to your home or business without putting a dent in your budget.

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