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Advantages of a multi-point lock

The advantages of a multi-point lock

When you think of a lock, you automatically think about security. It’s very normal. Basically, a lock should be extremely secure. However, in practice, it often appears that there are different degrees of safety. For example, it’s possible that a

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5 ways to better secure your business

Safety in the workplace is imperative. It is something every entrepreneur strives for. It’s not only about a safe working environment but also about keeping out unwanted visitors and protecting company data. In times of break-ins and data leaks, you

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How does a mortise lock work?

Have you ever wondered how a mortise lock works? Or do you not even know what a mortise lock is? In our blog, we explain everything you want to know about mortise locks and how they help to secure your

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Best ways to improve your home security

A safe feeling starts with a well-secured house. People are trying to make long-lasting investments in their homes in various ways. Not only are such investments good for your wallet, but you also increase your home’s value with these investments.

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Locksmith near me Tampa Bay

What to do if your child locks you out?

There’s nothing more annoying than being locked out of your own home – especially if it’s your child who accidentally locked you out.  It can happen to you, whether it is a funny action by your adolescent or an unexpected

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5 Tips to Stop Losing Your Keys

For many people, losing keys is the worst thing, especially when it comes to the keys to the front door. Not being able to find your keys is always inconvenient. Even if you’ve loads of time, in many cases, you’ll

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