Best Things to Do in Temple Terrace (FL)

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Tampa Developed and incorporated in 1920, Temple Terrace is a city located on the outskirts of Tampa, Fl. in Hillsborough County.

Currently, the population of Temple Terrace has no more than 24,000 persons who actively live there and is small in comparison to other area cities.
Besides knowing about the historical facts surrounding the area, there are also plenty to know about the things to do in Temple Terrace.
Below, are a few of the best ideas to take advantage of while you’re visiting.

Busch Gardens Amusement Park Tampa Bay

Sure, Busch Gardens is not located within city limits, but it still attracts many from all over. With it being the area’s most popular amusement spot for families, it is the largest in the area and includes an African-inspired park for animals.
With many activities available that are both educational and exciting, Busch Gardens truly does offer family fun in Tampa and most can only dream of how fun it can be. This is partly why families decide to pass their time on the park grounds.
Busch Gardens also comes complete with a wide variety of rides, wild and exotic zoo, a multitude of dining facilities, and many other opportunities to shop or enjoy different activities that the entire family will love.

The Claw – USF

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Located at the University of South Florida, the Claw is an exclusive golf course that is beyond popular. Plus, it goes without saying that The Claw will be a wild course to try to conquer.
This course is 18 holes and 71 pars that provide some challenges and involves many hazards on top of the long fairway and wildlife that lives among it all.
Some of the creatures that will be seen often include foxes, deer, and the occasional Florida gator that loves to wait in the water hazards.

Temple Crest Park

If your trip will be the first for you, then you should be familiar with the area map within Google. You will see that there are many parks to enjoy your time at. If you love spending time near the water, then you may find yourself at the Hillsborough River or many other area museums, golf courses, or some of the best restaurants.
This is where Temple Crest Park comes into play. With it being located centrally, there are many conveniences nearby such as playgrounds, a basketball court, and baseball fields.
Temple Crest is also nearby many other free parks that do not require an entry fee, such as Rowlet Park and Rogers Park.

Greater Hillsborough County Fair

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If you are looking for entertainment that is priced right and family oriented, then you will love the county fair. With entertainment that caters the young and old, the Greater Hillsborough County Fair will be able to keep you comfortably occupied.
If you are in the area in October, then you will love the fair. It includes all of the traditional food. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy the many fair rides and other options that will surely provide great entertainment.
The Greater Hillsborough County Fair can be found in Dover with a low admission fee.

The Museum of Science and Industry

Found on East Fowler, the Museum of Science and Industry is a perfect stop for everybody who has an interest in the fields. From the beginning, it has continued to promote all contributions from the local area that focus on technology, science, and of course business.
With it being the largest, the museum offers more than any other in the area and offers many exhibits that are interactive and give a taste of robotics, exploration of space, the world around us, and manufacturing.

Astro Skate Family Fun Center

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One of the things to do with kids is to make family time at the Astro Skate center features their wooden floor, superior stereo system, and classic lighting, this fun center is able to provide the most fun while the weather is not too forgiving to enjoy the outdoors.
Skates can be rented for a low price, and if you are in need of lessons, then there are classes available that will teach you everything you need to know.
Besides skating, Astro Skate also provides a snack bar, video arcade, and billiards. There is also a DJ that provides live music.

Big Cat Rescue

No matter if it is an African lion, Bengal tiger, or Florida panther, it is always fascinating to see a big cat up close and in person.
Not only are they a majestic site to see, but they present a greatness unlike any other.
Staff at the Big Cat Rescue understands that not everyone will appreciate the captivity that the animals experience. However, it should be known that all of the animals do not have many options available. Plus, the cats are taken care of a lot better than they would be in the wild.