Best Places to Live in Tampa, Florida


Historic richness mixed with contemporary fashion is what welcomes visitors to Tampa, Florida. The charm of this city and its many affordable yet breathtakingly beautiful communities makes it one of the top places to live in 2020.

When selecting a place to live, there are so many factors to consider; The size of a family, safety, cost of living, school ratings, public transportation, proximity to one’s job, and the list goes on. There Is a wide array of options when choosing the best places to live in Tampa, especially since this full-package city has theme parks, zoos, museums, and a nightlife that attracts tourists and locals alike. Here are some reasons to choose Tampa, along with a list of the seven best communities to live in Tampa, Florida, that will charm anyone wanting to move to the sunshine state.

1. Harbour Island

Research shows that Harbour Island always tops the list for best places in Tampa, Florida, because of all the amenities and its high safety rating. The median house cost is in the mid-300 thousand range, with great nightlife and outdoor activities for families. The Public schools make the A list as well. The approximately 3,500 population town has many young experts, many dining options, and an overall metropolitan atmosphere. Nearly 65% of residents there are homeowners.

2. Oscawana aka Courier City

Unlike Harbour Island, nearly 75 percent of residents here rent their homes. The majority of just over 2,200 residents are young executives, and the median rent is $1,550. It offers a city vibe with many bars and restaurant options. This Hillsborough County town has many parks, which families love in addition to the top-rated school system. It’s an easy commute that places Courier City on the list of top five best places to live in Tampa.

3. Lincoln Gardens

Carver City or Lincoln Gardens may not have the best school system, as they are rated B+, but the town overall is rated A. Scores of young experts live there in the midst of a population just under 2,200. It is not short of cafes, bars and restaurants. The median house price is 134 thousand dollars and 80 percent of the residents are paying rent. The town is not short of greenery with its many parks.

4. Spanishtown
Cost of living is rated at C+ in this beautiful town, but that could be because of the great offerings, from top schools to outdoor activities and great commute. Less than 1,500 people live there yet Spanishtown has a variety of shops, bars and restaurants. The average house price is half a million dollars, which makes the median rent $1,780. The number of renters and owners are almost 50/50. Young professionals tend to flock Spanishtown.
5. Swann Estates

Seventy-four percent of residents in Swann Estates own their homes but getting one to rent is not easy, even though the median rent is $1,000. The population is just under 1600 in this mixed suburban/city atmosphere area. Eateries and shops are a dime a dozen and outdoor activities are plentiful due to the many recreational areas. Schools are highly-rated.

6. Bayshore Gardens

Talk about best places in tampa Florida and Bayshore Gardens should probably be closer to the top. Its schools, restaurants, bars and overall entertainment life is top-rated. The population is just under 3000, but 68 percent of the residents own their homes. It is yet another Hillsborough County beauty with wonderful parks for health and fitness activities. The houses fall in the median range of 434 thousand dollars but many young executives live there as the average rent is $1,100.

7. Hyde Park

Do not worry about the median cost of 725k for houses in this breathtakingly beautiful suburban yet city-like town, as the median rent is $1,300. The population of 1,412 makes living there quite comfortable, while food and entertainment are relatively easy to find. Hyde Park is another of Hillsborough County’s fine offerings with a great school district, beautiful parks, and family-oriented activities. Many retirees have chosen to live in Hyde Park. Therefore the majority of the homes there are occupied by owners.

The top seven cities are all near beaches, great for watersports enthusiasts or simple beach lovers. Whether someone is retiring or just beginning their career, Tampa, Florida, is a perfect all-around choice for top places to live in Florida. The Busch Garden theme park, Adventure Island and a host of other attractions are always nearby for those who seek outdoor thrill.